Louis Fullagar

creative director

Aussie Dad, Digital Marketing Pro, Podcaster, Photographer, Consultant, Blogger, Optician, Transplant Survivor, Musician, Beach Lover.

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At Spexaddict we specialize in Social Media Management, Website Design, Digital Marketing and Email Campaigns for optical boutiques and wholesalers.We are the exclusive media/marketing and organization consultants for the LOFT Eyewear Shows each year in New York, Las Vegas and San Francisco.We also are the agents for the Italian luxury eyewear publication, LYF Magazine in North America. We run the Luxury Eyewear Forum website and Facebook group and pages as well as several other pages, groups and blogs.


Born in London, raised in Australia and now resident in the USA. I love nothing more than to travel which is why I was on the road for many years as part of my work.If I can sneak in any of my hobbies like music, photography, or hitting our favorite beach, then it's a definite bonus.The most important thing though, is spending time with family and keeping healthy. There's nothing better than watching the kids' sports and listening to their laughter.Love life...


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